Novemburger 2017

Novemburger was launched in 2014 as a way to bring new business to the amazing restaurants of Hamilton, while raising funds for the United Way in our community. The festival was an instant hit, and the 31 participating restaurants sold nearly 7000 burgers in only 30 days! Since then, more and more restaurants have joined, and more and more burgers have been enjoyed! Over $25,000 has been raised for the United Way in Halton and Hamilton to date!

Honestly though, what’s not to like?  Each restaurant creates a unique signature burger as their entry into the festival, which is then dubbed their Novemburger. Then YOU get to go eat Novemburgers and rate them (right on this site!) for 30 days. When the dust/deliciousness settles, two winners are announced: one for the most Novemburgers sold, and one for Novemburger of the Year.

This site will reveal all 70+ Novemburgers at midnight on November 1, 2017! Get ready to go get your Novemburger on!