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until Novemburger 2016 begins!

The ultimate burger festival

Novemburger was launched in 2014 as a way to bring new business to the amazing restaurants of Hamilton, while raising funds for the United Way in our community. The festival was an instant hit, and the 31 participating restaurants sold nearly 7000 burgers in only 30 days!

Honestly though, what’s not to like?  Each restaurant creates a unique signature burger as their entry into the festival, which is then dubbed their Novemburger. Then YOU get to go eat Novemburgers and rate them (right on this site!) for 30 days. When the dust/deliciousness settles, two winners are announced: one for the most Novemburgers sold, and one for Novemburger of the Year.

Go get your Novemburger on!

Raising funds for the many non-profit organizations in our community is no easy task, but that’s exactly the challenge that the United Way of Burlington and Greater Hamilton rises to each year. To the tune of nearly $7,000,000 annually. That figure represents over 164,000 lives changed locally. Awesome.

Built originally on the idea of workplace donation programs, the United Way is reinventing the models of local non-profit funding. By involving hundreds of local individuals and businesses, the United Way is able to not only raise funds, but to also raise awareness and engagement of donors in the broader community. In the case of our local United Way branch, it invests in 68 human service agencies that deliver 126 critical, prevention-based programs and services that improve lives and strengthen the community. Now that’s worth eating a burger for. And then some.

Want to learn more?  Visit www.uwaybh.ca!

We like to think of ourselves as a creative agency that punches above our weight. We’re a small company of high-powered designers, creatives, writers, and administrators. We often describe our firm is as a creative agency that owns distribution channels. Basically, we can help create a brand identity for your business, and we’re able to advertise your business through urbanicity Magazine in print and online, through our indoor billboard network, and through our other live event and television properties.

As an agency, we design everything from business cards to billboards, and websites to product launches. We’ve crowdfunded over $100k in 60 days, run a film festival for 7 years, sold nearly 7000 burgers in a 30 days, and our advertising network reaches over 400,000 people each month.

The short of the long? We’re Hamilton’s punchiest little agency, and we’ve got a lot more where that came from! Burgers away!  Find us at www.urbanicity.ca or ads@urbanicity.ca